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Past Issues

Educational Reforms Way Towards Empowerment of Women in India
Prof. Sakeena Akhter
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2022.5.6.5411
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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Reformative Steps for The Promotion of Education in Present Era
Dr. Munir Ahmad Mir
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2022.5.6.5412
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Technology Expansion in Corresponding Sector of Education in India
Prof. Tehseena Jaan, Dr. Rayees Ahmad Dar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2022.5.6.5413
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Scope of Rabindranath Tagore’s Educational Philosophy in Present Era
Dr. Rayees Ahmad Dar, Prof. Tehseena Jaan
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2022.5.6.5414
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Digitalization Of Newspapers Through Electronic Media and The Advent of The Comment Section
Tanziri Jahan
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2022.5.6.5415
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