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Deterministic Tolerance Analysis and Tolerance Redesign For 3D Non-Rigid Assembly
Ibrahim Ajani, Cong Lu
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.1.6011
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A Comparative Study Of Emotional Intelligence And Academic Achievement Among Government And Private Secondary School Students
Tawheed Lateef Rather
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.1.6012
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Lives And Loves Of Lost Generation In The Sun Also Rises
Sadia Khan
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.1.6013
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Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization And Its Impact On Higher Education
Dr. Vijay Shree
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.2.6051
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Model Of Intervention Policing For Handling The Covid-19 Pandemic In Indonesia
Susatyo Purnomo Condro, Semiarto Aji Purwanto, Chairul Muriman Setyabudi
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.3.6111
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Service Quality Of Bangladeshi Travel Agencies And Its Impact On Tourists’ Satisfaction: A Policy Recommendation
Md. Tuhin Hussain, Farjana Salam
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.3.6112
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